Est Profiil OÜ, founded in 2007, is a company which produces and sells building profiles and other construction accessories.

When we first started, our main products included building profiles for interior plastering and external wall insulation systems. Due to customer demand and continuous product development, our range of products has substantially grown and will continue to do so in the future.

During its years of operation, Est Profiil has successfully built a flexible structure, which attracts customers from near and afar. The expertise and possibilities we offer ensure excellent quality and customer satisfaction. The customers of Est Profiil include informed and innovative companies who value quality.

Our products are marked with the ETIX brand and generally fall into one of following three categories:

•  auxiliary products for external wall insulation,
•  reinforcement and guiding ledges used in plastering and caulking,
•  fiberglass meshes.

We also offer other construction products from the largest manufacturers in Europe.

All ETIX insulation products are manufactured and packaged in accordance with the requirements determined by recognised external insulation system manufacturers. As confirmation to this, our products have certificates of compliance. Therefore, ETIX products can be used in all common external wall insulation systems, such as Caparol, Knauf, Ceresit, Kreisel, Baumit and others.

At Est Profiil, we strive to offer our customers reliable and optimal solutions even in the most difficult locations. We work together with our clients to quickly provide high-quality products and qualified technical advice.

Turu 41a, Tartu, Estonia 50104
Kadaka tee 2, Tallinn, Estonia 10621
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